‘A Working Class Hero’

By Alex McMillan
     19 Dec 11

“I never wanted to be a quitter. It’s just the way things turned out.”

Tom McCauley has packed shoes into boxes. He’s chopped turkeys on Christmas Eve. He’s answered phones and swept car parks and been a quality checker of contact lenses. He’s processed your payments, botched your complaints and forgotten to order your replacement cards.

This is his story…..


“Without doubt the funniest book I’ve read in years.”

David Hannigan

“If anyone asks me ‘what’s happened to the UK?’ I tell them to read this book.”

John Fall

“Read this book. It made me laugh out loud in public and it made me a little sad too.”

Steve Smith

For your laugh out loud read of today head to http://www.authorsonline.co.uk/book/1160/A_Working_Class_Hero/sample/ for an extract from Alex McMillan’s brilliant ‘A Working Class Hero’.