Kuppinger Cole LogoAnalyst Company KuppingerCole Has Released A New Report On Secure Your Cloud Against Industrial Espionage

     23 Aug 13

KuppingerCole offers advice on protecting your Cloud from industrial espionage with practical advice regarding managing technical risk within a Cloud environment.
The analyst group KuppingerCole has published the advisory note “Secure your Cloud against Industrial Espionage”.

As Cloud environments become demonstrably more secure and on premise solutions become expensive to protect, there will be a tipping point where it makes sense to keep IP encrypted and protected by strict physical, technical and procedural controls under a third party’s control.

The most important means of applying preventative controls in a Cloud environment is encryption of sensitive information. This brings the added requirement of enterprise key management. Encryption and key management is a complex issue which needs proper planning and architectural consideration, but is vital for any project thinking of expansion into the Cloud.

In this advisory note Rob Newby, Managing Partner and Analyst at KuppingerCole UK, provides matrixes that support reviewing the current state of IT programs and projects. They provide information about levels, descriptive characteristics of these levels, and information about the technologies involved at the various levels.

Highlights of the report include insight into:

  • Systems evolution has bringing us to an age of “Industrialized IT” with Cloud computing at its core
  • Cloud computing bringing the threat of industrial espionage to the fore
  • On-premise solutions still having the same risks, and may not be cheaper or easier to treat
  • Information-centric security is important in the Cloud, anything which is of any value, or can have value derived from it must be encrypted, in fact to be safe, all corporate data should be encrypted, but this requires more than just technical controls
  • Governance in the Cloud becoming more complex, and requires thorough consideration from the outset
  • The legal environment of the Cloud is global, and needs to be clarified before technical setup, but even with contracts in place it requires technical security, mainly encryption
  • Technical risks are controlled in the same way as on premise solutions, the threats may have different emphases

The Advisory note “Secure your Cloud against Industrial Espionage” is now available for download from http://www.kuppingercole.com/reports – as are all other KuppingerCole reports.

Journalists may request this Advisory Note and all other KuppingerCole analyses and research from KuppingerCole free of charge; please furnish us with specimen copies of any published articles referring to our reports.