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Living Forward

I recently learned about a grave somewhere in France at the head of which stands a marker with this inscription: “In memory of Maggie, a mule, who in her lifetime kicked 1 colonel, 1 major, 3 lieutenants, 11 sergeants, 27...

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What About Trust

A veterinarian prescribed three huge pills to be given to a sick mule. “How do I get him to take the pills?” the farmer asked. “It’s quite simple,” replied the vet. “Just insert the pill into a pipe. Put the pipe in the mule’s...

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Dancing in the Rain

“The pharmacist just insulted me,” a woman sobbed to her irate husband. He snatched the phone from her hand. “I’m sorry to upset her,” the pharmacist said, “but put yourself in my shoes. First, my alarm didn’t...

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