Chaat-tastic Tamarind Sauce is totally unique – the only classic, sweet tamarind sauce on the market. It is also the only one that is 100% natural – no additives, preservatives, artificial flavourings, thickeners or colouring and is wheat and gluten free too. That is why up until now, bottled tamarind sauce, despite being the Indian sub-continent’s leading condiment, has not been successful over here. People would rather make it at home as those that are currently available in shops simply do not stack up. Chaat-tastic delivers home made quality with no trade off but with all the convenience, especially when it can take a day to make a high quality tamarind sauce.
Chaat-tastic is probably the most versatile sauce you are ever likely to use which has yet to be recognised by everyone. Unlike all the others which contain spices, Chaat-tastic’s classic sweet sauce lends itself perfectly to a vast array of foods. Ideal marinade for barbecues, chicken, salmon and pork for a sweet caramelised finish. Brush it on burgers prior to 2 minutes under the grill. Cooking sauce for curries, try it in a stir fry with beef and red peppers instead of black bean sauce. For vegetarians, livens up a simple cheese sandwich, drizzle it on salads, a dollop in yogurt, swirl it around and it even makes it look nice. Firms up nicely overnight in the fridge for dips, celery and carrot batons. Jazz up plain rice and one final tip, slice up some banana, chill it with the sauce and pour it over vanilla ice cream. What other sauce can do starter, main and dessert for both meat eaters and vegetarians? It will literarily transform anything in your kitchen cupboard or fridge. As the label says, “try this exceedingly delicious sauce with chips, burgers and BBQ as well as Indian tiffin”.
“Chaat” is Hindi for lip-smacking snacks served daily with tamarind sauce for the masses by busy, road-side vendors in India. Seeing that 1.2 billion people can’t be wrong, why can’t Chaat-tastic crossover and become the next big condiment that is universally popular for almost everybody, everywhere for virtually all foods?
Chaat-tastic’s recipe stems from the Shabi family going back almost a century when far later in the early 1980’s, they were appointed as the Late Benazir Bhutto’s private UK caterers and for a renowned Bollywood family. Spurred on by customers, clients and friends who loved the tamarind sauce, the Shabis decided to roll it out to a much wider audience, beyond Asian circles.
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