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Chessington world of adventures has many attractions which includes a Zoo, exciting rides such as Dragon’s Fury rollercoaster and Market Square which is the central area of the park and has shops, video arcades and food stalls; it also contains the entrance to Safari Skyway, a monorail that opened in 1987 offering a guided tour of the zoo, lawn and mansion area.

Chessington holidays offer amazing value Chessington World of Adventures break packages including one and two days in the park, a broad selection of comfortable nearby hotels and all manner of family-friendly local attractions.

You can choose from luxurious hotels complete with pools and spas, perfect for mum and dad to unwind after a hectic day at the park, budget-friendly hotels, ideal for families watching the pennies, or anything in-between. Here at Chessington Holidays we really do strive to offer packages suitable for every family.

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Chessington Zoo

The Zoo is one of the oldest areas in the park and is split in two. The west side of the park is home to Trails of the Kings; a walkthrough attraction home to enclosures for gorillas, tigers, lions and binturong. The east side contains smaller enclosures home to capybaras, rhea, mara, wallabies, meerkats and agouti in the Creature Features area. There is also a ‘Monkey & Bird Garden’ with a squirrel monkey walkthrough as well as a host of other exotic birds and monkeys. Just outside this is the Children’s Zoo, where children may feed domestic farm animals.

Chessington Zoo also has an area called Sea lion Bay, which features sea lion presentations several times a day and Creepy Caves, a reptile house. In 2008, a Sea Life Centre opened on the site of the previous children’s zoo, which was later relocated, and contains British and tropical fish.

The Wanyama Village & Reserve opened in late May 2010, in a unused area behind the Holiday Inn hotel and houses animals such as Grévy’s Zebra, Sitatunga antelope and Scimitar horned oryx.