Give the young generation a chance.

Over half of the under 35’s today have no chance of ever owning their own home, so can”t we at least let them rent a home with some security and at a rent that reflects average local wages. If this does not happen soon, then we are in for some serious social and financial upheaval in the future. Decent social housing is paramount for a contented society and makes lots of sense for employers which in turn benefits everyone. Raping the vulnerable with extortionate rents benefits just a few leaving a large section of society discontent and in turn less productive.

I have nothing against the right to buy for housing association tenants but these properties once sold need to be replaced with at least as many as have been sold. Time will only tell if this desperately needed social housing will ever be replaced but judging by what happened last time very few new homes are likely be built.

We have a moral duty of care to look after our younger generations which we are largely reneging on and at the very least looking the other way at their plight and at worst ripping them off for personal gain. A good society is a just and caring society and ultimately if we are not just and caring it will come back and bite us just when we are not expecting it.

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