Improve Post-Holiday Sales with Custom Lapel Pins
By Caryn Smith (c) 2012, All Rights Reserved

Are you dreading the January sales slump again this year? The
holiday shopping season is over, customers opt to stay home
rather than hit the mall, and even the hottest sale event can
fizzle in the aftermath of Christmas. But that doesn’t have to
mean disastrous sales. You can bring shoppers back post-holiday,
you’ll just need to plan ahead – and give them a good reason to

Small Incentives Can Mean Big Sales

We’re all familiar with the technique for making more
sales: Free shipping on orders over $25. You can bet that most
every order Amazon fulfills meets that criteria. The same is true
when you offer a custom lapel pin to customers who make a
purchase of a certain size.

Even reluctant shoppers can be lured out with the promise of an
exclusive gift – especially if that gift brings with it even
greater savings potential. Consider offering a different pin each
week between Black Friday and Christmas, and encouraging
customers to collect them all. After the holiday rush, customers
who wear their collection to the store receive a percentage off
their entire order.

Of course, there’s no need to make it an all-or-nothing deal.
Offer 5% savings for one pin, 10% for 2, and so on, up to 50% off
and you’re sure to see a surge in sales – both during and after
the holidays.

But that’s not the only reason customers will want these custom
lapel pins. Their limited numbers make them highly collectible.
Shoppers will wear them as a source of pride, and to mark
themselves as part of an elite group. There’s no better
advertising than a happy customer cheerfully sporting your brand
on his or her collar.

Quality Jewelry-Like Pins Speak Volumes About Your Business

Not just any lapel pin will do, though – especially when it comes
to holiday celebrations. You’ll want to choose a pin crafted from
top-quality materials, and which accurately represents your
company’s commitment to excellence. Vibrant colors that exactly
match your logo, easy-to-read text, and perhaps even flashing
lights (it is the holiday season) all tell your customers that
your company takes pride in the products and services you offer.

Of course, your design options are nearly limitless. Whimsical
images of holiday characters are always a hit, but you might also
choose religious symbols, decorations such as trees and wreaths,
or even just your logo on different colored backgrounds. And if
you’re considering making your holiday giveaway a tradition, be
sure to include the year. Your pins will instantly become even
more collectible with just that small addition.

To ensure you get the best quality pins for your event, look for
a manufacturer who offers a variety of materials and styles to
choose from. The top vendors will be able to exactly match your
logo’s colors so customers will instantly recognize your pins. In
addition, choose a vendor who offers free design work, unlimited
proof revisions, and fast turnaround, and rather than dreading
the post-holiday season, you’ll actually be looking forward to

Caryn Smith is Manager of Lapel Pins R Us. When you need custom
lapel pins, visit today.