Does the Mere Thought of a fish supper turn you cold?

Then Read on!

Nutritionist Azmina Govindji dispells maritime myths as she encourages the nation to reach their two-a-week target of fish portions.

Despite government guidelines stating that Brits should be eating two portions of fish a week, over 40% of us are failing to meet the target according to new research by Lyons Seafoods.
Nutritionist Azmina Govindji is here to give her advice on dispelling maritime myths and encouraging the nation to face their fish fear….

Maritime Myth: There’s too many bones
Azmina’s advice: The great thing about seafood is the variety, so there’s something to suit everyone; try prawns, scallops or crab for flavour without the chance of a bone.

Maritime Myth: It’s too expensive
Azmina’s advice: Whilst varieties such as Tuna or Seabass can tip the scales on your budget, herring and mackerel are great affordable alternatives, and they both contain omega 3 fats.

Maritime Myth: My kids are too fussy
Azmina’s advice: It’s time to get creative! Try loading fish portions into a tasty pie or fish cakes to tantalise your family’s tastebuds.

Maritime Myths: It smells bad
Azmina’s advice: Whilst some varieties do come with a strong aroma, prawns or squid are a good option to keep your kitchen fresh after cooking.

Maritime Myth: It’s difficult to cook
Azmina’s advice: Less is definitely more when it comes to cooking a good meal; try adding lemon juice, herbs and good quality olive oil to your fish for a delicious marinade – or alternatively, there are plenty of great pre-prepared options on your supermarket shelves to make cooking fish hassle free.

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