Google Update Concern For Property Websites

    10 Nov 11

Google’s latest algorithm change could spell trouble for property websites
relying on search engine visibility.

Content such as regularly updated blogs are about to become even more important in the light of Google’s latest algorithm update. The latest update is expected to affect up to 35% of searches, far more than the well publicised Panda update back in February which was expected to affect 12% but ended up re-adjusting a huge number of website search rankings.

Google say “their update will impact searches for recent events or hot topics, regularly occurring events, and searches for information that changes often but isn’t necessarily a trending topic or recurring event.”

According to a Google spokesperson “This change better determines the level of freshness needed for each query and promotes fresher results accordingly. We’re continuously working to improve our search algorithm so that we provide users the most relevant answers to their queries.”

The biggest implication for those property websites who don’t update their content regularly and fail to create dynamic websites with original content may well end up losing ground to those companies who value online editorial output.

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