Be Wiser Insurance LogoHalf of Drivers Believe the Driving Test is “Too Easy”

     23 Aug 13

Over half (51%) of British motorists believe the current driving test is not difficult enough, with many claiming it is “too easy”.

Many respondents claimed the current test is inadequate, as it does not include motorway or night driving.

Mark Bower-Dyke, Chairman of Be Wiser Insurance, comments:

“Improved driving skills only come with experience – not just through passing a driving test. There is a case for saying that making the driving test more difficult will not necessarily produce better or safer drives – just better test takers. The driving test isn’t the arbiter of who will have an accident or not.”

Others suggested that new drivers should be limited from driving on motorways, at night, or have their top speeds capped.

Mark Bower-Dyke comments:

“Whilst motorway and night driving can be more dangerous, these situations aren’t necessarily the root causes of accidents. It is panic and inexperience that contribute much more. While there are good intentions behind ideas of limiting new drivers, there’s little value in making the driving test itself more difficult to pass.”

Only 6% of respondents believe the test is too hard.

Mark Bower-Dyke concludes:

“I think it’s safe to assume these votes are from respondents who know the stress young people go through when taking their driving test. Perhaps a more interesting question is whether it would be a good idea to introduce compulsory ten yearly driving assessment courses for all licence holders?”