Article Marketing Tips:

How Consumers Read Your Articles

If you are an article marketer, or you have entertained the
possibility of writing articles, then keep reading…

In this article, I define the Six Essential Elements of writing
articles that generates traffic and produces sales for your

It will all begin to make sense to you when you step into the
shoes of your readers… Because once you understand how your
readers read your articles, it becomes rather obvious what your
articles need to include in order for you to generate interest in
your article, and successfully deliver visitors to your

Once you understand the “how and why” of writing great
articles, you will have the knowledge necessary to help you join
the ranks of the article marketing superstars… But if you miss
the point of this article, you are instead likely to join the
ranks of the people who whine about how Article Marketing a

There Are Six Essential Elements of Successful Article Marketing:

1. Title – Many people suggest that you should put your top
keywords at the front of your article title, but I don’t
subscribe to that methodology. I do include my target keywords in
the title, when I can, but an article that is well-optimized for
the search engines is worthless if it does not get published…
The #1 goal of your articles’ title is to get the article
opened!! You must present a title that is going to get the
attention of publishers and readers; you must present a title
that is going to compel a person to at least open your article to
see if they will want to read it…

2. Opening Paragraph – The title got your article opened, but now
you need your reader to read the article… Tell your reader why
they should keep reading your article and read it to its
conclusion… Any reader who does not reach your website from
your article is a “missed opportunity” to sell your stuff…
Show people why it will be in their best interest to finish
reading your article…

3. The Article Body – The article body must meet the promise of
the Article Title and the opening paragraph… The article body
must retain the interest of the reader to the last word… The
article body should tell a story people want to read, and leave
them wanting more… The article body must successfully carry the
reader to the articles’ closing paragraph and to your Author’s
Resource Box…

4. Your Closing Paragraph – Ideally, when your reader reaches the
last paragraph of an article, the reader should be happy to have
read the article to its conclusion. This is the first point about
your closing paragraph. The second is that the closing paragraph
should successfully bridge the reader from the article to the
Authors’ Resource Box. After all, the Authors’ Resource Box is
where the writer will get paid for having invested the effort
into writing the article. When the reader reads the resource box
and takes the action the author asked him or her to take, then
the process of writing has the opportunity to offer the writer
great rewards.

5. The Authors’ Resource Box – The Authors’ Resource Box needs
to transition the reader from your article to your website, by
offering a compelling call-to-action to get the reader to go to
your website… Tell who you are, but don’t go overboard…
People do not care who you are or what you have done – they only
care about what else you can do for them… Jeff Herring wrote a
great article that elaborates a bit further on how to construct
an effective Resource Box here ( )…

6. Your Landing Page – You should never try to sell your products
or services in your Authors’ Resource Box. Instead, you should
try to get the reader to your website, where you have an
unlimited number of words, videos, pictures and testimonials to
tell the real story of your products or services. Few vendors
have the ability to sell a product or service in 500 characters,
so you should use your Authors’ Resource Box to get the reader
to your website, where you will do the real selling…

Tell A Story People Want To Read

Often, the difference between someone who will try to write an
article for $5 and the professional writer who understands the
value of his or her work can be defined simply…

The person writing an article for $5 will “beat around the
bush” for five hundred words, without ever actually saying
anything of any real value to anyone… The person who works for
$5 an article is just putting words on a page so that he or she
can be paid…

The person who demands $40 to $500 to write an article is a
master of story-telling… He or she will tell a story that
people will want to read, and therefore a story that publishers
will want to publish…

The authors who tell a story that “people are happy to have
read” will find their articles on more high-quality websites,
and they will find more people visiting their websites, as a
result of having read the article…

Words on a page only please search engines, but a story on a page
will ALSO attract readers, visitors and paying customers to your

Interestingly, most online marketing gurus who advise hiring
people to write $5 articles fail to tell the whole truth — they
fail to point out that articles that pass real link popularity to
a website must have link popularity to pass on to your website…

People don’t link to articles that are nothing more than “words
on a page”, but people will link to a story that needs
telling… Just like with Jeff Herring’s article linked above;
his story is worth sharing with you, and as a result, it has
gained its own links from people who do not know Jeff
personally… (I have never met Jeff Herring or talked to him by
phone or email. It was an honest recommendation for a great
article written by him.)

Jeff’s article has gained its own link popularity, by merit of
it being a good story… As a result, Jeff’s article will pass
real link popularity back to his website, because it has real
value for readers and real link popularity to share…

Article Marketing Will Not Work For Everyone…

There are a great number of us who have made a lot of money with
article marketing… Then there are thousands of others who have
never made any money at all with article marketing…

When you want to find success with an online business, you should
mirror those people who have been successful…

Article Marketing is no different… If you have ever visited a
website or purchased a product, as a result of having read an
article that mentioned the website or product, take another look
at the article that drove you to action… Try to understand the
“how” and “why” that article worked, and then try to figure
out how you can duplicate the formula for yourself…

Chances are good that you will see my “Six Essential Elements of
Successful Article Marketing” in those articles that you are

Fortunately, you don’t have to take my word for what I am
telling you in this article… Whenever you find an article that
moves you to visit the website shown in the Authors’ Resource
Box, take another look at the article to see how closely it
matches with the “Six Essential Elements” I shared with you in
this article… You may be surprised by what you learn…

Copyright (c) 2010-2012 Bill Platt
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