Ideas for healthy sandwiches

If you are a busy parent or busy working person, then finding ideas for healthy recipes to feed the family or healthy sandwich fillings for lunch is probably a top priority.

Just because we are time pushed doesn’t mean we want to compromise on nutrition and if money is an issue, we also don’t want to have to resort to unhealthy convenience meals or fast food for ourselves or our family.

Of course, the occasional treat is fine. But learning a few key healthy recipes and finding some tasty but healthy sandwich filling ideas will not only save you money, it will mean you can feel good about what you are feeding yourself and your family.

When it comes to healthy sandwich fillings, there is a whole world of choice out there for you. It doesn’t have to be all about the cheese and tomato or ham and salad every day! Why not try a Mediterranean style filling: hummus with sundried tomato? Or you could go for something a little bit special: chicken and avocado. Hummus and chicken are both full of protein and avocado is high in unsaturated fat which is essential for our bodies and our health.

Cream cheese or goat’s cheese with celery and sultanas is an unusual but lovely sandwich filling that gives you calcium as well as a contribution towards your five a day! And you should find that the contrast of sweet and savoury goes down a treat.

To ring the changes with your butties, try swapping the bread as well as the fillings. So, give wheatgerm a try if you’re usually a staunch white bread fan, or try tortilla wraps or flatbreads for something a little bit different from the usual wholemeal loaf.

Follow these tips and you’ll soon be looking forward to lunchtime more than ever before!