Improve Your Party Stamina
With Natural Pick Me Ups!
     05 Dec 11



If you’re looking forward to the party season but dreading the impact on your body, medical herbalist Lucy Stephens of London’s Reva Clinic ( recommends a holistic approach with a combination of plant remedies and minerals to maintain your party stamina.  Lucy has a few top tips that will see you through the season the natural way.

In the first instance Lucy suggests taking Milk Thistle tablets – “not as an excuse to drink more alcohol!” says Lucy “but taking Milk Thistle on a regular basis can help to protect the liver against toxic damage.  Milk Thistle was a herb traditionally used to protect the liver against poisoning from snake bites, poisonous mushrooms and alcohol.”

If you have drunk too much on the odd occasion during the party season then Lucy suggests “a nice cup of tea” –  sounds very traditional but Lucy recommends Nettle or Dandelion herbal teas for their antioxidant properties. “Alcohol is toxic to the body and when it is metabolized it produces oxidants and so antioxidants are necessary to counter this process and help the body to detox and heal. You could also try taking Swedish Bitters – a combination of herbs which is traditionally used for digestion and maintaining energy levels. And if you are all partied out and need an instant reviver then try Rhodiola rosea which can reduce fatigue and increase mental performance and concentration.”

Lucy concludes her recommendations with tips for bath and bedtime – “a detoxifying Epsom Salt bath 3 times a week will help to eliminate harmful toxins. Add a couple of cups of Epsom Salt to a bath of water and then off to bed for a good night’s sleep.  When we sleep the body is able to repair cells and engage in the detoxification process so if you have been over indulging and burning the candle at both ends your body has a lot more work to do so try to have a good sleep – the average person usually needs between 6 – 9 hours a day.”