In Search Of Lost Knowledge

By William Grove
     15 Dec 11

In Search of Lost Knowledge is William Grove’s autobiographical account of how a fracture of his skull gave him that extra ability to find answers, to ancient mysteries, where all others have failed to so do.

I awoke wondering how I came to be lying upon a strange bed, on a Sunday-afternoon at that?
With no recollection of the incident I was to learn that a speeding car had collided head-on with my bicycle which threw me over the handle-bars to bounce off the car, prior to hitting the road-surface.

My injuries were severe from my head to my ribs, my left-arm almost severed, left side of my face paralysed, a fracture to my skull above the left ear, my jaw dislocated, teeth and nose damaged. That I survived was a miracle they informed me, due in part, to a healthy, war-time diet, roadside attention from a Miss Morris, local mid-wife, and treatment at a cottage hospital almost four-miles distant.

I write the above in order to explain why, from then onward, I was to receive, always spontaneous in nature, that which I understand to be minor occurrences of precognition, examples of psychic awareness or, to use a phrase beloved of the psychiatric establishment, lateral thought.

There is, too, the fact that my deep interest, in such riddles, commenced with the BBC’s 1970’s televised Chronicle Series in which public attention was directed upon yet one other mystery, of a far-more-recent era, related to the a family secret rooted in the French village of Rennes le Château, with all that was brought to light, concerning that subject, in the co-authored The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail volume of early 1980’s years.

And yes, I do have, from a variety of some six priestly sources covering the greater part of two-centuries, each a cypher differently presented, yet all bringing attention to the very-same landscape-point, the whole ready for preparation as a book in it’s own right, but only following an archaeological exploration of the site. Even more than my In Search of Lost Knowledge work, or as occurred with The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, the result of this investigation will be condemned in certain quarters, deservedly so since the shock, of what that excavation would reveal, would brutally damage the foundations of some ancient institutions.

Upon occasion a scientist, brain free of any damage, is able, by similar means, to actually dream up the solution to a problem that has evaded him for far too-long.