Increase Your Online Dating Success
By Including The Most Appropriate Photos

Because so many people are using dating sites now, it is hard to
stand out in a crowd.

You need to get the other viewers’ attention in less than 10
seconds. You have to grab it. Because people are so visual, a
photo is essential.

A photograph may be optional in order to set up a profile, but
typing your life story is not going to get you anywhere if no one
looks at your profile. If anything, you should have the photo up
first, before anything else.

Most sites have an option where the people browsing profiles can
check a box indicating they only want to see profiles with

Just as in real life, first impressions count. Your primary photo
should be taken in good lighting and really show your face. Take
off the hat and sunglasses and don’t stare into the sun. Look
directly into the camera. Don’t duck your head down or turn in

Some people advise black and white photos. This can cover up some
minor flaws in your complexion and make you look mysterious and
intellectual. Black and white photos can fall flat if they are
out of focus, however. Besides, most people prefer color photos.

Pick colors that make you stand out from the background. Also,
pick colors that don’t make you look too sallow. Yellow and
green can be risky.

Some men feel tempted to crop the top of the photo to conceal the
receding hairline. Women are not fooled by that.

Don’t hide behind objects, either. Men are not fooled by that.

If you misrepresent yourself in the photo on your profile, you
can’t hide what you look like when you finally meet. It could be
very embarrassing to have your date excuse him or herself,
especially after that horrified look of discovery.

Try to pose in a photo doing something that is natural to you. If
you are not into skiing or body surfing, don’t submit photos of
yourself doing those activities. You might wind up dating a
fanatic who does those activities too often for your taste.

Now, there is one topic that is very delicate and I am going to
have to take you gentlemen aside and say this as gently as I can.
If you are a heterosexual male, do not ever submit a photo of
yourself nude, especially below the belt. Ever. Some shirtless
photos can be fine in context, but be realistic about your
physical condition.

Ladies, similar advice applies, but I want to layer on the issue
of personal safety. Do you really want a stranger to rush you?

Another thing to remember is who is in the photo. Don’t put
photos of your minor children on the Internet. It is not safe for
the kids. Your date can meet the kids later.

Avoid photos with attractive members of the appropriate sex. Even
if she’s your daughter, women are not going to know what to
think when they see your fifty year old self with a hot 25 year
old who might look like you.

Never ever put photos of yourself with your ex cropped out. It
won’t kill you to get some fresh photos taken.

Secondary photos can be fun. That’s where you can have a photo
of yourself with your dog, your Harley, your sunglasses and even
a gorilla mask.

Photos of just your pets, your possessions or locations won’t
help your cause either. If you are afraid to show your face in
public, most people will assume that the reason is that you
really do have something to hide.

Copyright (c) 2009-2012 Kandice Skaggs
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