Inspiring Jewellery With A Cause

Ananda Soul Creations Logo     22 Aug 13

‘Soulful creations which inspire and empower women to reach their dreams’ is the idea behind luxury ethical jewellery brand Ananda Soul Creations. Inspired by spiritual practices, yogic philosophy and ancient traditions, the collection is designed to reflect women’s natural beauty and strength.”My vision is to empower women from the core, inspire them to reach for their dreams, make them realize how powerful and beautiful they are. My soul creations are filled with Balinese blessings, prayers, smiles and love from each and every person involved in our production and that is what shines through … from our heart to yours.” ~ Christina Zipperlen, Designer & Founder.
Every piece of the collection is handmade by Balinese artisans from 925 Sterling Silver, 22kt Gold Vermeil and the highest quality precious and semi-precious gemstones before being blessed by Balinese priests with prayers of love and peace and cleansed in holy water.
The company donates 10% from each sale to ‘The Safe Childhood’s Foundation’ in Bali which helps protect children from poverty and human trafficking to give them abetter, brighter future. Regular jewellery making workshops for mothers of street children empower these women to make their own jewellery pieces, some of which are featured in this season’s collection.

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