Irish Pop Duo Jedward
Turn Tour-Guides In
CBBC’s New Series
“Jedward’s Big Adventure”

     25 Jan 12

  5 x 28 minute series airing 6th – 10th February, 4:30pm on CBBC

Over the past three years, Jedward’s rise to fame has been phenomenal. With a platinum album, their own reality TV show and a sold out tour under their belts, the crazy and charismatic twins are ready to take on their next challenge.

Jedward’s Big Adventure sees twins John and Edward Grimes visit five stunning World Heritage Sites across the UK.

But now all Jedward have to do is learn as many fascinating facts about the site before being challenged to act as tour-guides to groups of unsuspecting visitors. And with the clock ticking, the boys have just a few hours to transform themselves from pop stars into Official World Heritage Tour Guides. What could possibly go wrong?

Having been given the official tour of each of the sites, the brothers are spilt into teams and paired with a celebrity guest.  Celebrity Assistants include Big Brother presenter, Brian Dowling, actor Joe Swash, Harry Potter star Chris Rankin and girl band Parade.

It’s team John against team Edward. Both need to win. Using costumes, home-made props and stunts, mixed with Jedward’s unique point of view, the pressure is on.

Both teams need to impress, especially as neither of them wants to face what’s at sake for the losing team.

But did the duo listen to the experts or did they let their imaginations run wild and make it up as they went along? With the tour complete, Jedward invite the Tourists to sit a test. How many facts have the Tourists retained? Which team has impressed the most? There can only be one winning team. No Jedlock allowed.

With their reputations on the line and a gruesome forfeit waiting in the wings, John and Edward must wait anxiously for their fate to be revealed. It’s a banquet for one, and being stuck in the stocks for the other.

Jedward commented, “We’ve really loved making this show for CBBC. We’ve also learnt so much about the UK and if all else fails in music we can now take up a career as professional tour guides!”

One thing’s for sure, viewers can expect madness, mayhem and a whole lot of fun from the brothers Grimes.

Jedward’s Big Adventure is Executively Produced by Christopher Pilkington and David Staite at Initial and Melissa Hardinge at the BBC. The Series Producer is Steven Handley and was commissioned by Damian Kavanagh at the BBC.