Lindsay Jay LogoLJF Mind & Body Day – 14 September 2013

     11 Aug 13

Lindsay Jay Fitness (LJF) presents a one-day holistic fitness event that will leave participants feeling connected and de-stressed with a powerful sense of inner vitality: escape to an oasis of calm amidst the cosmopolitan chaos of London Bridge.

LJF is world renowned for its array of holistic and energising events, a prime selection of which will be available to couples, partners, friends and individuals at LJF MIND & BODY DAY.

thirtysevendegrees – Tower Bridge is a fabulous Riverside Health Club in the heart of the City, with immaculate Spa Facilities and state of the art gym – perfect for those wanting some extra time to nurture their mind and body.

International fitness presenter and sports model Lindsay Jay will present YOGA FLOW, her unique fusion of Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Power Yoga and deep stretch, while she and members of her team will launch PARTNER YOGA (a new flow class promoting connection and trust) and YOGA FOR MEN (strength yoga practice promoting muscles through meditation). There will also be SOUL POWER PILATES (core strength-building exercises with soul music), BODY BALANCE™, TAI CHI, MEDITATION TECHNIQUES and more!

Award-winning nutritionist and author Bridget Hunt will introduce her food and lifestyle programme; SIX PACK CHICK™ (designed to kick-start the metabolism and burn fat off for good) as well as TANTRUM™ (a new class allowing stressed-out executives and harassed housewives to come together and let off steam – without getting fired or divorced!).

The event will conclude with Lindsay’s new RELEASE ME™ programme, combining the elegance of dance with the power of music and the peaceful, calming qualities of yoga.

Timetable available on request

TICKETS: Normally – £160 – Summer Special – £50