Lloyds TSB announce their first six torchbearers who will all carry the flame on it’s journey to the Olympic Stadium ready for
the Opening Ceremony on the 27th July

 Lloyds TSB today announce their first Olympic torchbearers who will all take part in the Olympic Torch Relay next summer.

George Stocker (12) of North Yorkshire, Sarah Thomas (17) from Shropshire, Simon Brown (32) from West Yorkshire, Elin Haf of Gwynedd, Wales (35), David Raizada (59) from Derbyshire and Tina Wood (24) of Kirkwall,Orkney all received the good news at a Central London launch event this morning. All of the Lloyds nominees have been awarded for their exceptional charity and community work and will take their place amongst 8,000 torchbearers on the 70 day relay next summer.

The Lloyds torchbearers all had deeply personal stories and background that saw them nominated and speak below about what it means to them to finally get the news that they will be part of history next summer as the Olympic Games come to London for the third time.