Robert Sorby Timber Framers Slick Chisel

These large chisels have been used for centuries for heavy timber construction
such as Timber Framing for buildings to Boat building.
If you work with large lumps of timber one of these in your toolkit is essential
the weight of the chisel alone will glide through hardwood such as Oak or Teak
and the high quality steel synonymous with the top toolmaker Robert Sorby will
sharpen to the finest cutting edge and hold it’s sharpness all day.

A very useful large heavy chisel from Sobert Sorby




Made from a special high carbon alloy steel for a perfect
combination of hardness and toughness.
This ensures a razor sharp edge with outstanding
edge retention.
This slick comes with a solid one piece forging including
the heavy duty tang seated deep into the handle for security.
An innovative heavy duty socket is fitted between the blade
and the handle to make this one of the strongest and most
ergonomic framing chisels available on the market.
Overall length 27″.
The working face is machine ground in order to produce a
slightly hollow surface for ease of honing and the back face
is rounded off with no sharp edges for comfort and
safety when handling the blade..