Ski Scotland

It’s amazing how many people in the UK jet off in the early part of each year to go skiing in places like the Alps, the Pyrenees, the Tyrol and even as far as Colorado and Canada – when there are some excellent skiing opportunities and ski resorts right here.

Of course, they’re all in Scotland. From the Nevis Range to Glencoe, Glenshee, Cairngorm and The Lecht – there are five main resorts to choose from.

Ski Scotland is the official website from the Scottish Tourist Board and it gives you up to date information on all the best places to ski and to go snow-boarding in the country – as well as the latest skiing conditions at all the resorts.

The site is continually updated with snow conditions updates and all the other information you might need to help you make the most of Scotland’s ski resorts.

And if skiing isn’t for every member of the family, there are lots of other things to do in Scotland at this time of year – particularly if you enjoy winter walking and don’t mid some of the most extreme winter conditions the UK is capable of throwing at you!

So be sure to pack your clothing and equipment that is a match for these conditions from crampons for climbing or walking to salopettes and ski jackets if you plan to hit the “Mc” Pistes!

The ski Scotland site is also full of information about the best places to stay, where you can hire the necessary ski equipment, and where you can book in for skiing lessons and guidance at each of the five main skiing resorts. It even includes information on Scotland’s Sno Zone if you don’t fancy venturing all the way to the far north – or if conditions aren’t suitable at the natural ski resorts. The Sno Zone is Scotland’s indoor ski resort on which, of course, you can ski all year round.