The Portable FiiO E6 Amplifier

Delivers Unbelievable Sound

     22 Dec 11

The FiiO E6 is a portable headphone amplifier that provides an exceptional audio solution to sound that is lacking in punch. The E6 is a neat device that dramatically transforms mediocre sound into something clear and powerful.

The E6 comes equipped with three EQ modes. The tiny amp boosts bass response and has the ability to pick out the subtleties in music to give an all-round tighter and more clarified sound. Sound is further refined to the user’s personal taste with the option between the -3dB, 3dB and 6dB playing modes.

The E6 is a perfect introductory amp model that delivers a performance far exceeding its price point. It is highly portable not restricting the user to a desktop or power source. The tiny lithium battery is charged via USB giving 10 hours of use and the E6 total weight is only 16g – almost half the weight of the previous E5 model. The E6 comes with standard 3.5mm input and output suiting most players and headphones.

‘As an introduction to headphone amplifiers, or as an affordable partner to a more expensive at-home unit, the FiiO E6 is perfect. It’s cheaper than the SoundMagic A10 and NuForce Icon, and while it may not have all the benefits of a more powerful amp, it’s much more convenient.’ Trusted Reviews

Samples are available on request from Advanced Headphones.