What If In 2012 You Really

Were A Happier Parent?


12 Dec 11


NLP is a life coaching skill that up until now has been mostly used at work. Now, thanks to Judy Bartkowiak author of Be a happier parent with NLP and a whole series of NLP workbooks in the Engaging NLP series, parents, children, teenagers, teachers, new mums and mums returning to work can benefit from the principles of NLP.

Just imagine if you believed ‘there’s no failure only feedback’? How great would that be?! Or if you really believed you have all the resources you need?

What if you could get your kids to do what you wanted them to do by changing the words you use?

Imagine being able to separate yourself from the emotional response and feel like an adult again?

This book is full of examples, quizes, tips and ideas based on Judy’s own family from tots to teens and the many children and parents she has counselled or taught over the years.