Why We Women Are Our Own Greatest Enemy When Dating
Copyright (c) 2009-2012 RoseMary Alberts
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It is rightly said, “Women never know what they want.”

I begin by saying this because, I have learned that while there
are women who want to be committed to one man, there are some
others who seek only attention, gifts, dinners, movies etc, and
still others who are only interested in having a physical
relationship. But all these three categories cannot be used as a
base to judge women and their point of view about relationships
only because, like I said, “Women never know what they want.”

So read on and you will know what I mean…

When I was in my twenties, I was once walking my little dog
“spark”, and I noticed a man staring at me.

I ignored him and moved on.

He followed me, and without any waste of time, he introduced
himself to me.

As I kept talking to him, I found him to be very interesting and
I knew he was attracted to me too.

This went on for a couple of days, until one day he asked me out
to dinner. I did not even think twice as this was what I was
waiting for.

We went out that weekend for dinner, had a lovely time and I
promptly came back home that night. This went on for months. Our
relationship was growing, we were becoming more than just
friends, got closer emotionally and physically.

Then one evening, I casually asked him where did he think this
relationship was going.

He said he preferred not thinking about it.

It was a little disturbing. I mean, I was expecting him to say
something that put us on a committed path with one another.

When I asked him what he meant by that and why he did not want to
think ahead, he plainly said “because I am a man, and men don’t
do that.”

I was so puzzled. When everything was going so well, I felt like
our relationship was actually going somewhere. I wanted him to
meet my friends, wanted to have conversations about our future,
marriage, kids, our little home over-looking the park, a little
dog etc. And the more I thought about it, the more I felt, or
rather, the more I assumed he felt this way too. But I was

This made me sad the first few days, then angry, then I reached a
phase where it did not bother me anymore, and finally I was
thinking it probably happened for the best and he was not meant
for me anyway.

It made me wonder how just a few weeks back I was dreaming of a
home, kids, and marriage and now I’m glad I’m alone and free

Why is it so hard for us women to decide on one thing? Why do we
always want to put our feet into every shoe?

No wonder men find it so easy to move on and say, “there are
other fish in the sea”.

Why does it take so long for women to figure that out? Why do
they wait for reality, or in this case, men, to brutally show it
to them?

There’s no end to these questions, but there probably is only
one answer – “Women never know what they want”.

RoseMary Alberts lives in Florida and has a lifetime of dating
experiences in her rear view mirror. As a young 50-year-old, she
enjoyed the single life through most of her twenties and for the
last ten years, since the death of her late husband. For online
dating, visit: http://www.nsadatingsite.com/