Winter Warmer

For Parents

     06 Dec 11

As any mum or dad will testify, getting a young child into a regular sleep pattern is the holy grail of parenting.  Even once they are settled for the night there can be many nocturnal awakenings commonly associated with hunger, nappy changes and fluctuations in temperature.


During the winter months the drop in temperature during the wee small hours is often the main culprit for waking little ones from their much needed slumber.


Glasgow based parents Gavin and Kelly Cruickshank know only too well the trial and tribulations of getting their three young children to sleep.  The Cruickshank’s have developed the innovative new Sunbuster blackout blind which as well as being safe (it has no looped cords) and easy to fit (it simply sticks to the glass), also has the added benefit of insulating the window thus making the room warmer.


University testing has proven that the Sunbuster blackout blind increases air temperature around the window by a massive six degrees.


Gavin explains “We developed the Sunbuster in early 2011 prior to the summer time when the long daylight hours can be the main culprit for keeping little ones awake.  We designed the Sunbuster blind using a fleeced lined thermal blackout fabric which has been university tested to provide a six degree thermal gain which helps prevent night time chills whilst reducing fuel costs.”

The Sunbuster blackout blind adheres directly to the glass using a non-residue gel, which means that there are no gaps where light can penetrate. Magnetic strips hold the blind in raised or lowered position, removing the need for hazardous looped blind cords associated with child fatalities – tragically six children were fatally injured by looped blind cords in 2010 alone


TJS Innovations picked up a highly commended award from the prestigious John Logie Baird awards panel for the Sunbuster blackout blind in March 2011.

Thermal Image

On the thermal insulation image, you can see that the left hand side of the window is covered by the Sunbuster blind and the right hand section (the blue part) is uncovered, the difference in surface temperature is around 6 degrees.