This video shows Flaviu Cernescu “free solo” climbing the second tallest structure in Romania

The Chimney at CET Pitesti SUD (280m) !

Notes from Flaviu Cernescu

The chimney has six floors. The first 5 don’t have a railing anymore and are very deteriorated so I split the climb in 4 sections, by altitude:

  1.   0m – 20m there is no metal ladder but only some electrical cables hanging…
  2.   21m – 55m the ladder does to have  protective cage.
  3.  55m – 275m the ladder has protective cage but no place to sit down.
  4.  25m – 280m (top) the ladder, again, has no protective cage and then last 3 meters of it are not secured to the tower which makes it unstable.

    Please understand that by climbing this chimney you put yourself/others in danger.

    Don’t try it unless you really know what you are doing!!

    Take care and enjoy life!