FC Barcelona partner with European Commission to help fans kick smoking habit

The European Commission and four-time European Champions FC Barcelona today announce an unprecedented partnership aimed at improving the health of millions of people across Europe.

‘Quit Smoking with Barça’ will harness the success of the European Commission’s “Ex-Smokers are Unstoppable” campaign and the support of Barça’s worldwide fan-base to help 28 million European smokers* kick the habit forever. The unique partnership will see one of the world’s most prestigious sports clubs partner with a pan- European institution to support a public health campaign on a never before seen scale.

‘Quit Smoking with Barça’ is the latest initiative of the award-winning “Ex-Smokers are Unstoppable” campaign and the partnership with FC Barcelona marks the first time the European Commission has collaborated with a sporting partner that reaches the hearts of millions of people to make a real difference to the health of Europe.

The programme aims not to judge smokers, but instead underlines the many benefits of quitting smoking, combining these positive messages with the proven tools of the “Ex-Smokers are Unstoppable” campaign. ‘Quit Smoking with Barça’ offers supporters of Barça, football and sport in general, a personalised health training programme with daily quit smoking tips and encouragement direct from key figures at the Catalan club.
The campaign will be powered by iCoach (www.exsmokers.eu), a free, proven digital health tool already helping almost a quarter of a million people across Europe (equivalent to 1 in every 500 smokers) in their quest to give up smoking for good. More information can be found at www.quitsmokingwithbarca.eu