Furnishing A Small Apartment
Small flats and apartments can be great; if you choose the right furniture to go in
them, and don’t let them get overcrowded with belongings. The secret to doing this
is to decorate and furnish the flat as one unit rather than looking at each room
So, for example, choose furniture from one store to give a feeling of cohesion.
There are ranges of furniture which can complement both a dining room and living
room. If you have a kitchen diner, you can choose a practical table that will double
up as an extra food preparation surface. Position the table near to the working end
of the kitchen so that you don’t have to carry items to and from the table too much.
A dining table with extending leaves often works well in a small property, as you
can fold down the leaves outside of meal times, increasing the feeling of space in
the room. Many stores now sell dining room sets – a table and four or six chairs –
which offer good value compared with buying a table and chairs separately.
When furnishing the bedroom, look out for units that contain both hanging space
and drawers. You might consider getting fitted wardrobes built-in along one wall of
the bedroom. Although you’ll lose a bit of the floor space, you can create a great
amount of hidden storage there.
The lounge area can also have extra storage space inside furnishings like the sofa
and coffee table. These are great places to put items like magazines, books and
The best place to look out for bargains and furniture sales is on the internet. For
example, you can see the latest offers from Harveys Furniture on YouTube, as well
as catching up on the archive of the store’s funny ads from over the years!