Give your beauty a green tint

Living a greener life can have all kinds of benefits that you may not have considered. One way to reduce your impression on the carbon footprint is by turning down the central heating. By turning the thermostat down by as little as one degree, you can reduce your CO2 emissions significantly, and reduce your heating bill by around 10%.

And a pleasant knock on effect is that the air in your house will be less dry, meaning that your skin will not get dehydrated. Now, it may not be enough that you can do without daily moisturising products like Olay, but it will certainly mean that you have to use fewer beauty products to keep your complexion glowing.

Of course, you can also be green in the choice of beauty products that you use – helping the environment by choosing products that are packaged in recyclable materials or made using natural ingredients.

Here are some tips to help you buy green:

  • Read the labels – before you buy a beauty product, check what is in them, to discover if they are as safe and natural as the name claims. If you get confused by the ingredients and can’t figure out what they are, it’s likely that they’re not very green.
  • Keep paraben free. Parabens are preservatives which are toxic. Seek out products that have natural preservatives like grapefruit seed extract or Vitamin E.
  • Double check your deodorant doesn’t contain aluminium. Many do, and aluminium can block pores and has even been linked to breast cancer.
  • Many beauty products will contain petroleum. While this is not good for your skin, it’s also bad for the environment, as petrol comes from a finite source of fossil fuel. Choose products that are plant-based instead.
  • One of the best green beauty tips is to choose natural moisturisers. Avoid products that contain synthetics, artificial fragrances, chemicals or parabens.