High Summer From Fearnley’s ‘High Society’

     19 Mar 12

Following the success of her Spring/Summer 2012 collection, ‘High Society’, Kate Fearnley is delighted to announce the launch of additional high summer pieces to compliment the collection.

“High Society” may be a surprise to some who are familiar with Fearnley’s designs, with the introduction of soft pastel colours and floating chiffon outlines, to go alongside the more familiar structured designs and vibrant bold prints. The textured and distinctive fabrics create elegant and glamorous silhouettes, inspired by the 1950’s blockbuster “High Society”.

 These creative designs are perfectly suited for summer weddings, race days and special occasions for which only a truly unique piece will suffice, and will be shortly available worldwide through over 40 stockists and from www.katefearnleyboutique.co.uk.

“I think that this collection offers something for everyone”, says Fearnley. “I celebrate ten years of my own label in 2012, and wanted to show that my designs have grown up with me. These pieces would be as well suited to a lady in her forties as to a twenty-something, and I hope to see the collection become as popular on the Ladies’ Day ‘Best Dressed’ winners’ podiums as my collections were this year.”