Immerse Yourself in the Vibrant Colors of Autumn in the Great
Smoky Mountains
By Jim Watson © 2012, All Rights Reserved

It’s true. Every season in the Great Smoky Mountains is gorgeous
in its own way. The breathtaking whiteness of snow-capped
mountains against a backdrop of brilliant blue is dazzling. The
fresh greens of spring bring to mind rebirth and joyful
celebration, while the deeper hues of summer make us want to find
a shady spot near a gurgling stream for an afternoon nap.

But fall is when the mountains show their true colors. Vibrant
oranges the color of ripe pumpkins, golden yellows, and rich
crimson blanket the landscape like a well-loved quilt. The
morning air is crisp and carries the sweetly spicy scent of
falling leaves, and the evening skies shimmer with the light from
a million stars.

Create Your Own Sightseeing Adventure

No matter when you visit Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, TN, you’re
sure to find plenty to do. From skiing to shopping to whitewater
rafting, there’s something for everyone. But in the fall the
scenery takes center stage, and there are nearly as many ways to
enjoy it as there are leaves on the trees.

If you prefer a laid-back trip, miles of scenic highways make an
afternoon drive a stunning excursion. Simply pick a direction and
drive, stopping along the way to explore a walking trail or two.
Camera buffs will want to get a little closer to nature, so grab
your hiking boots and head deeper into the woods. In addition to
the brilliant fall colors, you’ll spot plenty of wildlife busily
preparing for winter.

Adventurous types might want to hook onto a zipline for a flight
through the treetops you’ll never forget. You’ll glide dozens of
feet above the forest floor, zipping from tree to tree like a
bird. Surrounded by the reds, yellows, oranges, and greens of
autumn, you’ll feel like you’ve just taken a trip through a

The Ultimate Smoky Mountain Getaway

Want to really experience the beauty of fall in the Great Smoky
Mountains? Pack up the family and rent your own quiet cabin in
the woods. You’ll start your days with a cup of steaming coffee
on the deck, watching the sun come up over a distant mountain.
After a hearty breakfast it’s time to put on your hiking shoes
and head for the nearest trail. With hundreds of miles of walking
and hiking trails crisscrossing these mountains, you’ll probably
find one right outside your back door.

Evenings are family time. Enjoy dinner at one of the dozens of
family-friendly restaurants in Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge, or
simply build a campfire in your back yard and roast some hot
dogs. Later, with no traffic to compete with, the night sounds of
the forest are all you’ll hear, ensuring the best night’s sleep
you’ve ever experienced.

Even if you’ve visited the Great Smoky Mountains in the past,
until you’ve seen them in all their glorious autumn colors you
won’t know just how beautiful they can be. Whether you take in
the scenery by car, on foot, or soaring through the treetops, one
thing is certain: You’ll never look at the changing of the
seasons the same way again.

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