Industria Synergie Collection
By Stephen Mackinder

     13 Aug 12

Industria Synergie (Opus 1) The team at Mackinder Hair has distilled pure creative craftsmanship into this esoteric collection of images – shaped by scissor and comb and illuminated in vibrant iridescent tones. Led by Stephen Mackinder, Industria Synergie (Opus 1) represents the best in creative collaboration from some of Europe’s most gifted hair professionals.

Each look captures an essence of raw energy, timeless beauty and authenticity with a minimalist approach that places the focus entirely on the hair. Strong internal structure, graphic outlines, high shine and solid shades in creamy blonde, bitter chocolate brown and deep red, deliver stand out; while neutral make-up enhances the purity of these looks with models dressed in the most natural of fabrics – their skin! Industrial Synergie (Opus 1) explores the versatility of shape, balance and weight to transform looks from smooth and sculpted to textured and full of movement.