Landlords furnishing a rental


If you’re a landlord furnishing a rental, you’re stuck with a few conflicting emotions and conflicting costs.

At the end of the day, you’re doing this from business point of view. But if you’re anything like me, you also like to take pride in your work. And taking pride in a rental apartment that you own doesn’t always sit comfortably with minimizing cost.

Ultimately, it’s a compromise between the two. Personally, I tend to spend a little more than I really need to and I go the extra mile in decorating the place and furnishing it with furniture I’d be happy to live with myself.

My theory goes that if you treat people well, they’ll usually do the same back to you – and when it comes to letting out property, I’ve found this works maybe 80% of the time.

But if you really can’t cope with the 20% who will take you for a ride wherever they can, then maybe this isn’t the business for you?

At the other end of the scale – if you go into this business with the opposite attitude of cutting corners wherever you possibly can – then maybe this still isn’t the business for you?

You have to try and like people whatever fate throws at you – to be a good landlord. If your view of the world is a glass half full and you make a place really nice, you’ll generally have less trouble and come out ahead anyway. Treating people with respect is the key to receiving respect. It’s also better for your very soul; ‘to thy own self be true’ and all that!

So, make the place right, buy good stuff at the cheapest price you can. Harveys Furniture stores, for example, include surprisingly cheap bargains that look like they should be a lot more.

I recently bought cheap dining table and chairs that genuinely look fantastic – and completely transformed the look of a rental – with a little paint and lots of elbow grease.

Ultimately, caring is the key to success here. Just try not to let the odd bad apple spoil your whole bunch.