Enjoy a Truly Magical Vacation in the Great Smoky Mountains
By Shelia Ogle © 2012, All Rights Reserved

Job pressures, political controversies, and family
responsibilities consume our days. Don’t you wish you could go
back to your childhood, when the only thing you had to worry
about was which cartoon to watch on Saturday morning? If that’s
you, now is the perfect time to take a break from the day-to-day
realities and be a kid again. One visit to the magical family
attractions at Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, TN will have you
feeling (and acting) years younger.

Wonderworks Wonders of Magic

We all love a good magic act, and at Wonderworks in Pigeon Forge,
you’ll find one of magic’s top illusionists, Terry Evanswood.
This 75-minute show will mesmerize your entire family with music,
variety acts, and plenty of sleight of hand. Terry is the proud
recipient of magic’s prestigious “Merlin Award,” so you’re sure
to find his show a delightful reprieve from the workaday world.

Classic escapes and spectacular large-scale illusions are just
the beginning, though. After the show, take a tour of magical
history in Wonderworks’ Hall of Magic. You’ll find costumes,
props, and memorabilia from some of the world’s greatest
magicians, including Harry Houdini himself. Terry Evanswood
narrates as you make your way through the exhibit, learning the
secrets behind some of magic’s most famous illusions.

Play Tricks on Your Mind at Ripley’s

The world of Ripley’s is filled with the truly unbelievable, but
one attraction stands out for its ability to make you believe in
magic: the Marvelous Mirror Maze. Step inside this mind-bending
labyrinth and you’ll face endless reflections of you, making it
nearly impossible to find your way through. Sudden dead ends,
loops that lead to nowhere, and twists and turns where you least
expect them make this maze a real challenge, while still
remaining fun for even the youngest family members.

A Live Action Game for the Whole Family

For a true hands-on adventure, be sure to stop by MagiQuest, a
live-action game set in a magical realm where wizards rule and
unicorns roam free. As you enter, you’ll choose your wand and
your clan. Each has unique powers to help you on your journey
through the enchanted kingdom, so choose carefully.

As you make your way through the villages and castles of the
kingdom, you’ll face many challenges. You may do battle with a
dragon, or match wits with a more experienced Magi. Along the way
you’ll earn gold, points, and skills to help you as you progress
through the game, facing tougher tests along the way.

Your wand is the key to your MagiQuest adventure, and it’s yours
to keep. It knows you by name and remembers every challenge
you’ve faced. When you return to MagiQuest, your adventure will
pick up right where you left off.

Every kid in your family – even the grown up kind – will enjoy
the magic of Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, TN. From delightful
magical acts to a larger-than-life enchanted kingdom, your trip
to the Great Smoky Mountains will help you forget your day-to-day
worries, and create memories your kids will cherish for a

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