Montblanc Honour Quincy Jones In The 21st Anniversary Year Of The Montblanc De La Culture Arts Patronage Awards

Quincy Jones received the Montblanc de la Culture Arts Patronage Award at an exclusive ceremony on October 2nd 2012 at The Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles.

After dominating the music industry for over 50 years, Quincy Jones now joins the prestigious history of Montblanc de la Culture. Previous winners are giants in their field, from Yoko Ono to HRH Charles Prince of Wales, from Susan Sontag to Queen Sofia of Spain. Of the 12 participating countries, this anniversary year’s recipients also include Renzo Piano (Italy) and Andrew Lloyd Webber (UK).

This year marks the 21st anniversary of the Montblanc de la Culture Arts Patronage Award, which has celebrated the work of outstanding private patrons of the arts throughout the world each year since 1992. Montblanc has a rich heritage in supporting artists and cultural projects around the world and believes in the crucial part to be played in the health of the arts, by passionate and committed individuals.

The Montblanc de la Culture Arts Patronage Award was established to honor and support individuals who have given exceptional time, energy, and funds to artists and their work. To be chosen, a winning patron has to demonstrate not only a history of personal commitment to the arts, but also a concern that the wider public should benefit as a result of that support. A jury of internationally renowned artists chooses 12 winners from a shortlist of 36 (3 nominees in each country).

This year the American jury was made up of iconic writer Fran Lebowitz, fashion designer Michael Bastian, and concert pianist Lang Lang. The trio represents the style and culture that is at the heart of the Montblanc brand. With their extensive experience, discerning tastes, and knowledge of what it means to be a patron of the arts, Montblanc is proud of their decision to honour Quincy Jones.

With a 50-year career in music behind him, Quincy Jones is truly a legend in his own lifetime, he is less well known for his many years of work in developing the talents of younger musicians, preserving and maintaining the heritage of African-American music and in using music and the arts to offer a lifeline to those trapped at the bottom of society. Having backed, funded, and founded numerous projects including IBAM, The National Black Arts Festival (NBAF) and The Quincy Jones ‘Listen Up’ Foundation, Mr. Jones is the definition of arts patronage.

The key to the Montblanc de la Culture Arts Patronage Award is the $20,000 Jones will receive and donate to The Jazz Foundation of America. The Jazz Foundation of America is committed to providing jazz and blues musicians with financial, medical, housing, and legal assistance as well as performance opportunities, with a special focus on the elderly and veterans who have paid their dues and find themselves in crisis due to illness, age and/or circumstance. Jones sits on the Honorary Founders Board and has committed countless hours to this cause. In addition, Jones will also receive the Montblanc Patron of Art Limited Edition 2012 Joseph II Writing Instrument, created to celebrate the 21st Anniversary of the Awards.

Joseph II, Holy Roman Emperor from 1765 to 1790, was the eldest son of Empress Maria Theresa. Like Jones, Joseph was a lover and patron of the arts. He was known as the “Musical King”. During his term, Joseph ended censorship of the press and theatre. He also created scholarships for talented poor students, and allowed the establishment of schools for Jews and other religious minorities.