The most unusual venues for corporate events

When you’re getting ready to plan the next annual general meeting or client party, it can be easy to fall into the trap of booking the same venue or something very similar to what you chose last year. After all, if it went well it would seem that you have a recipe for success, or in other words, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it’.

However, from your clients’ point of view, think how much more interesting it would be if you found somewhere really different to hold the next big corporate entertainment event. There are some amazing venues to be found these days – from castles and country homes to places such as Battersea Power station. You could even have your event on a boat.

It depends where most of your clients will be travelling from and how easy you want to make it for them to attend. This is one reason why central city venues and exhibition centres remain so popular for the majority of conferences. People need to have easy access to main public transport hubs or handy parking facilities close to the venue.

However, if your company is also willing to provide overnight accommodation, then you can realistically locate your event somewhere a little more out of the way – at a country hotel or manor house for example.

It depends on what kind of event you’re organising. If it’s an evening event, then people are more likely to want to stay overnight – so they can really let their hair down. If it’s a more formal daytime business meeting, then you’ll probably want to stick to a central venue that delegates can easily reach and be able to go back to their office for the rest of the day.