The Natural Way To A More Beautiful You

 13 Aug 12

Are you as passionate about the environment as you are about looking and feeling good?

Let Ecobeauty satisfy your need for more sustainable beauty at an affordable price. Following the successful launch of Ecobeauty Skincare and Ecobeauty Colour Cosmetics, we proudly present the latest additions to the Ecobeauty family—Puressence by Ecobeauty Eau de Toilette, Ecobeauty Hand Cream and Ecobeauty Shower Gel—three fantastic products that enhance your natural beauty while helping to make the world a better place.

A Breath of Pure Harmony
Puressence by Ecobeauty Eau de Toilette is the ideal scent for the savvy woman who wants an environmentally respectful fragrance. This joyful celebration inspires you with verdant basil, sparkling orange blossom, delicate ylang-ylang and a sensual vetiver trail. This 100% natural formulation utilises steam distillation, a natural process, to capture the scent’s bouquet at its prime. And the harmony doesn’t end with the scent. The packaging is made from 100% recycled glass and its wooden cap is made from responsibly sourced wood, uniting our vision of a premium fragrance streamlined with nature.

Naturally Nourished and Beautiful
Now you can give your hands nourishing protection with the best nature has to offer. Ecobeauty Hand Cream naturally protects and beautifies hands by offering immediate nourishment. Protecting against natural aggressors with a mineral UV filter and containing Fairtrade Shea Butter and Fairtrade Coconut Oil your hands are left wonderfully hydrated and feeling noticeable softer (93% of women who tested agreed).

Want a shower gel that works triple duty to clean, moisturise and protect your skin? Look no further because Ecobeauty Shower Gel is the cleanser you’ve been waiting for. Washing your skin without stripping you of the natural oils you need to stay soft and smooth (89% of 95 women who tested agreed on effectiveness), this is a real feel-good beauty buy. Harnessing powerful natural ingredients—Organic Glycerin, Fairtrade Organic Coconut Oil and Fairtrade Sugar—the nourishing lather you get from natural derived foam-boosting surfactants will help you start the day right.

Beautiful You…Beautiful Planet
Ecobeauty guarantees you the high performance, high quality cosmetics you want to look and feel beautiful, while also giving you the best nature has to offer. And buying products that are ethically sourced and environmentally friendly means a better planet for you and your children.

For Ecobeauty we source our ingredients from plants and minerals and from sustainable and renewable resources. The ingredients and processes used respect the environment and the ecosystems. Additionaly, we are committed to sourcing natural ingredients in a sustainable and responsible manner, preserving the biodiversity, respecting ethical practices and animal welfare.

Our Promise to You
With the Ecobeauty brand we’ve set very high standards for ourselves. We wanted to ensure that every product is ethically sourced, contains a minimum of 95% natural ingredients and is environmentally friendly. To ensure that we always meet these high standards, we’ve partnered with Fairtrade, Ecocert, The Vegan Society and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This also assures you of our commitment to more sustainable beauty for an even more beautiful you and a beautiful planet.