Titanic Pigeon Forge Remembers the Tragic Voyage 100 Years Later

On a cold spring evening 100 years ago, the world was changed
forever as the legendary Titanic became a part of maritime
history. This year, you and your family can pay tribute to the
1,500 passengers and crew who lost their lives, explore a replica
of the ship, and discover how James Cameron’s version of the
story unfolded. You’ll see all that and more when you visit
Titanic Pigeon Forge this summer.

A Chance to See and Feel History

Titanic Pigeon Forge is more than just a museum full of
memorabilia and artifacts. It offers visitors a chance to truly
experience what life on board the RMS Titanic was really like –
for both the passengers and crew members. As you enter the
museum, you’ll be given an official “boarding pass” which bears
the name of your passenger. As you explore the ship, keep in mind
what he or she might have experienced on board the Titanic, and
at the end of your visit, you’ll discover his or her fate.

Once inside, you’ll climb the grand staircase and imagine pausing
to chat with some of the wealthiest people in the world as you
make your way to the first-class decks. You’ll get a glimpse at
the luxury wealthy passengers enjoyed when you peek inside the
richly appointed staterooms, plus find out just what it took to
afford such a trip.

The Titanic wasn’t all luxury, though. Perhaps your passenger was
traveling third class. You’ll be amazed at the difference between
the finery of first class and the utilitarian accommodations of
the “steerage” passengers. Imagine yourself sharing a tiny
windowless room with three other people, and you’ll soon
understand that sea travel wasn’t always comfortable – even on
the legendary Titanic.

Of course, the crew has their own tale to tell, and you and your
family will enjoy taking part in the day-to-day workings of the
great ship. You can man the ship’s wheel, send an SOS on the
wireless, and shovel coal to keep the massive engines turning.

You’ll also get a feel for what the final hours were like when
you touch the face of an iceberg, struggle to keep your balance
on the tilting deck, and climb aboard a tiny lifeboat. Listen to
the stories of survivors as they share how it felt to bob
helplessly in the icy waters of the Atlantic while the luxury
liner sunk out of sight beneath the waves.

Experience a Modern Take on History

The Titanic may have been a modern masterpiece of shipbuilding,
but without the stories of those on board, her sinking would have
caused hardly a splash. And there is no better way to experience
the personal stories of passengers and crew than through the
vision of James Cameron.

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the disaster, Titanic
Pigeon Forge has added a new attraction: a behind-the-scenes look
at the making of “Titanic.” You’ll see many of the actual props,
costumes, and scripts used in the movie’s production, as well as
learn about the spectacular effects that made it so popular.
Every movie lover in your family will want to check out this
exclusive exhibit.

The events of April 15, 1912 continue to captivate our
imaginations, even 100 years later. A visit to Titanic Pigeon
Forge is the perfect way to share a piece of history with your
kids, experience the incredible stories of survival, and remember
those who were lost. Make plans to spend a day at Titanic Pigeon
Forge during your next Great Smoky Mountain vacation.

By Jon Hoffman © 2012, All Rights Reserved

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